Selfie Verification: A New Technology For Identity Recognition Systems

The verification of documents is important for all businesses in any sector. The analysis of one’s documents is for verifying the authenticity of the documents and the identity of an individual. The verification of a person’s identity can take place with the use of different personal information. Every sector can use high-tech devices to analyze someone’s authenticity. For this purpose, each sector demands personal data from its customers. This personal data may include pictures, videos, selfies, and live videos to check the liveliness of people on the other end of the device. Though anything from personal data can be used for the verification of a person’s identity, however, the most innovative identity recognition method is the verification of selfies. 

Are Selfies an Authentic Source of Verification?

Selfies are a part of every individual’s life. This aspect is common among the young generation. It is a form of pictures that people capture by themselves. These pictures were not considered a part of an authentic ID photo. However, as the technology has advanced over time, the verification systems have also been updated. In today’s world, selfies can be used for the verification of identity. Any individual can have their selfie verification with the use of selfies. Thus, the modern trends in biometric face verification have changed the level of security systems. 

What is the Role of Selfies in Biometric Face Verification?

Selfies are pictures that show a person clearly from the front. These types of pictures are now commonly accepted by modern devices and apps to verify a person’s identity with their ID documentation. These pictures are not used in every modern trend, however, the use of selfies has now become common for face liveness verification. The use of selfies requires an individual to open their front camera and place it between the set area displayed on their phone screens. Then once the camera has verified a person’s facial measurements with the provided ID card details it turns green and moves the verification process to the next step. It is one of the easiest and most convenient methods of verifying a person’s identity. 

How to Conduct Online Face Verification with Selfies?

The verification of an individual’s identity can be verified at any time anywhere in the world with the use of pictures. However, the use of selfies not only falls under the category of online face verification but also in face liveness verification as some devices and software demand a person to verify their real-time selfie by opening the camera at that very time. Each security face detection device has its distinct procedures for verifying someone’s identity. These software are now a part of smartphones as well such as iPhone, Android, etc. With the use of this verification system, every software app in the modern world, whether it is Krypto, any game, a banking app, etc., can modify its security level. This transformed security of every software offers the finest user-friendly experience to individuals. 

How to Help Industries with Kyc Face Verification?

Selfies help people everywhere in the world to have their identity verified for different kinds of access. In the modern world, every  software requires online verification from users. If in real-time the verification devices require face detection online. Similarly, online software demands online face verification. This system has now been installed in every industry’s applications such as e-commerce, finance, business, marketing, gaming, and gambling All software applications seek verification from their users before giving access. This method serves not only as a safety measure for an industry but also offers a safe and user-friendly app experience to users.


In the world of finance, individuals can make use of Kyc face verification systems to collect data from their customers. KYC stands for know your customer, it is a set of procedures that different sectors follow to keep a maintained record of their customers’ information. This keeps people from invading the secured safety lines of a company or software. The stats have discovered that more than 40 million people have faced identity theft. This is proof of the fact that identity theft and fake identification have become a common crime in modern times. Thus, it has become essential for every sector and software application to apply the security system of face verification to prevent identity theft.
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Key Takeaways

The modern world of technology has introduced a huge variety of security measures for each sector and they can choose a security system of their choice. The most up-to-date invention is the use of selfies to verify the faces of digital customers and application users. Therefore, this new addition to technology has broadened the horizon of identity verification systems. 

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